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Building Fortunes Radio Live Streams with Peter Mingils

November 18, 2020 in Building Fortunes Radio, Resources

Peter Mingils, owner of PM Marketing Network Leads, has expanded how we reach out to people to give them a voice. is an Internet Radio link that appears in iTunes, Spotify, Player FM and many others.

Twitch TV is on this:

You Tube is on:

Facebook is on:

And of course, all your home based business leads can be found at

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Kevin Grimes MLM Compliance Attorney on Medical Claims

September 25, 2016 in mlm attorney

MLM Compliance and the Network Marketing Industry with MLM Experts and leading MLM Lawyer Kevin Grimes

Kevin Grimes is a guest host of the Building Fortunes Radio show in After Hours.
He has an extraordinarily simple explanation about making medical claims on the Building Fortunes After Hours Radio show

You can find more information about the importance of compliance and developing retail and preferred customers on MLM Compliance Attorney Kevin Grimes’ website

You can hear more on our Building Fortunes Radio MLM After Hours Show:

MLM Lawyer Kevin Grimes also has an MLM Compliance Course on: and you can see more about Kevin Grimes and the Thompson Burton Law Office he works with on




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MLM News has an MLM Product Store as explained on Building Fortunes Radio

September 24, 2016 in Building Fortunes Radio, MLM

MLM News has an MLM Product Store as explained on Building Fortunes Radio.

Go to and order from your another MLM Distributor

When we help each other by buying from someone in a  different MLM, you become a separate Network Marketing Retail Customer or a Preferred Customer for that MLM.

This all counts, as the FTC has mentioned that they are going to seek new guidance for the MLM Industry.  The leading MLM attorney’s such as Kevin Grimes , Scott Warren of, Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton Law Offices, as well as  Jeffrey Babner, D Jack Smith ( ), and Michael Sheffield from (top MLM consultant).

Dr Keith Laggos, who wrote the first College Textbook, recommends customers and acquiring customers as the primary activity of a good MLM.

Learn more on:

What’s the big deal about Network Marketing Retail customers? Aren’t MLM Distributors retail customers?  These are common question, worth answering.  So find out more, and encourage your MLM upline and MLM downline to do so as well

You can find more information about the importance of compliance and developing retail and preferred customers on MLM Compliance Attorney Kevin Grimes’ website

You can hear more on our Building Fortunes Radio MLM After Hours Show:

MLM Lawyer Kevin Grimes also has an MLM Compliance Course on: and you can see more about Kevin Grimes and the Thompson Burton Law Office he works with on



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Zija Central Florida Super Saturday with JoDee Nylander Baer

February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized


We are hosting a Zija Super Saturday in Central Florida for anyone who is interested in making some extra money by joining the Zija Moringa opportunity.

You can listen in as Jodee Nylander Baer hosts the Zija Moringa show every Sunday night at 8:30PM Eastern Time on Building Fortunes Radio.

You’ll get to meet with top earners in the company, as well as become familiar with how it works, and what it can do for you and your family. Zija is a company that is growing worldwide. You can watch as Jodee Nylander Baer builds locally in Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Florida and all over Atlanta, Georgia as well.

Guest speakers include: Tommy Sacca, Paige Salmon Clarke, Luke Bradford, Joyce Pellegrini, Mike R King, Mike Kelly, Christine Holmes, Sherri Laster, Alison Moore Smith, Gary Nowicki.

Jodee Nylander Baer hosts local events on

You can keep in touch on FaceBook:

Learn more by listening in live on

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Chris Carley MLM Training book reveals Network Marketing story

January 5, 2015 in MLM

Chris Carley has written a book that is easy to read through in a short period of time.
The message is clear. If someone is determined to make it, they can in the MLM business.  Although lots of people told her to stay away from pyramids and scams, Chris Carley proved with hard work and real persistence she could make it work with Herbalife.

chris carley

chris carley


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Chris Carley Herbalife Millionaire Publishes Book

December 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

chris carley Herbalife author the millionaire within us Chris Carley has published a book titled, “The Millionaire Within Us”.
Learn from her experiences with Jim Rohn and Donald Trump combined with the successful mentoring of Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes.

While some people have tried to claim Herbalife is a Pyramid Scheme, find out how Chris Carley built her Herbalife business.  Hard work, determination, persistence helped her through the challenges of building a world wide organization.

From a $79 Loan from her dad, to many million dollars in earnings later, Chris will share with you her formula for success.

Go to to learn more

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Building Fortunes Radio: Tune in and Build Your Business!

August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Join Peter Mingils, Mario Nardelli, and other wonderful guests as they share tips and strategies for building a successful home-based business.

Catch What’s Cooking with Mario tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. ET, or listen to many different archived episodes from the Bottom Line Team, and Building Fortunes!

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Tune in to the Bottom Line Radio Show and learn to build your business!

August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Check us out every Monday and Thursday at 4:00 P.M. ET! Learn and earn by listening in to our Bottom Line Team as they motivate, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs at every level. Special guests will surely keep you entertained and in the loop of current events in the business world!

Past episodes are archived for you to listen to on your own time!

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The ANMP Convention

February 4, 2012 in ANMP

Check out The ANMP  on

You Tube Convention Channel

If you are an ANMP member, vote for Peter Mingils again for President.


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Rod Cook Receives a First Ever Humanitarian Award from the ANMP

May 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rod Cook, President of America’s MLM Consultants, received high praise for decades of pro bono work mentoring and counseling at risk MLM distributors and start-up companies fated for failure without first getting reliable insider information.

San, Antonio, TX (PRWEB) April 12, 2011

The National Association of Network-Marketing Professionals, Inc. created the prestigious Humanitarian Award with Rod Cook in mind. According to the association’s 2009 Vice President, Brian McMullen, Rod Cook has never turned a distributor down regardless if they are a $50 a month earner or one who has achieved million plus dollar status.

“Rod is the go to guy when someone’s in trouble,” McMullen points out. “Rods’ personal philosophy and criteria for helping people definitely focuses on “need” not “greed.”

Rod Cook, President and Founder of America’s MLM Consultants, Inc. Consultants, Inc. spent a lifetime unlocking the secrets for starting, promoting and expanding huge profit potentials in the world of MLM. He sees the MLM industry from every angle and is now a leading authority on start-ups, pay-outs, marketing, business infrastructures and insider information.
By way of protecting distributors he ferrets out and exposes fraudulent get-rich quick schemes and phony pyramid plans disguised as legitimate MLM network-marketing ventures.

“These types of scams stain the integrity of the entire industry,” Cook said. “That is precisely why I began writing and publishing the MLM Watchdog™ newsletter in 1985.” My goal is to better protect distributors and start-up companies with timely and accurate insider information. I clearly identify deceptive offenders looking to make a quick buck off the backs of hard-working people who simply want to carve out a living for themselves.”

According to Cook the multi-million dollar earner or the little guy just stepping up to the plate in this business is treated with the same straight talk, courtesy and respect.
With uncanny accuracy Cook has been able to predict the viability of a product or a company and saved many first time distributors from embarking on the wrong path.
Cook clearly recalls one struggling divorced woman with two children trying to break into a mega million-dollar health supplement company. Heather Watkins has a true entrepreneurial spirit Cook recalls. But her product line was overpriced, over-hyped and the payout was at best minimal. “I felt like I was on this never-ending treadmill with no income in sight,” Watkins said. “Rod provided tremendous insight as to why I was not making any headway and opened doors for me that I never thought possible.”

She was scammed out of hundreds of dollars with a get rich quick scheme. “It’s all too easy to fall into this insidious death trap,” Cook said. “With a little help and lots of connections I was able to steer her in a whole new direction and now she is a highly successful business owner. I could not be happier for her.”

Rod Cook is now a leading authority for building billion-dollar MLM businesses industry-wide. As the highly acclaimed MLM Watchdog™ he provides knowledgeable, ethical and honest straight talk to all who call upon him. Simply log onto to to discover how you can tap into this wealth of MLM information. Plus you can contact Rod by phone at 210-495-1201 or 210-679-910. Also you can e-mail Rod(at)rodcook(dot)net

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